Handheld ultra-sensitive detection of the explosive Picric Acid.

An international group of researches have used the handheld device, Serstech 100 Indicator in a study for ultra-sensitive analysis of the explosive substance Picric Acid, where a detection limit of 0.02 ppb was obtained.


Moreover, Picric Acid has lately been in the spotlights for being a severe environmental and security risk, making a portable analysis method even more interesting. In short, the method uses a sensor substrate with flexible silver nanorods from which you measure the surface enhanced Raman signal, smoothly and directly on the spot and in the field. The research was led by Aron Hakonen from the start-up company Sensor Visions AB and involved scientists from Sweden, Denmark, China and India. The study was recently published in ACS Sensors (ACS Sens., DOI:10.1021/acssensors.6b00749).

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