ChemDash, cloud based data management tool

Serstech just recently launched the cloud based data management tool ChemDash, to communicate with their Raman Indicator. We asked Marcus, ChemDash technical lead and senior developer at Serstech AB, to point out the benefits and the story of ChemDash.


Q1. What is ChemDash

ChemDash is a cloud based system for collecting and managing measurements from all your instruments. The measurements are stored in the cloud and are instantly available in any web browser after the instrument has been connected to the Internet. You can log into ChemDash from anywhere and review the measurements taken.

Measurements may be added to reference libraries which can be made available instantly to all instruments. If a user in one location finds a new substance, add the new spectra to a reference library, it can be made available and shared between all of your instruments in every location.

Q2. What is the idea behind? How did it all start?

Before ChemDash, the workflow was much slower and difficult to maintain. After the substances were measured, the user had to connect the instrument to a PC, enable USB connection on the instrument and then start a software on the PC, just to be able to see the measurements on that specific computer. To be able to share the measurements to other locations, the measurements had to be exported, sent via e-mail and then imported in another computer running the same software.

With ChemDash, the measurements are instantly available in any location. Connect the instrument to the Internet with wifi or cable access and the measurements are uploaded to the cloud. You do not have to use a PC, install any software or send insecure e-mails with sensitive data. The measurements are secured in ChemDash, with strong protection and encryption, backed up on a daily basis.

Q3. Why choose ChemDash in front of other data management tools?

With ChemDash, you will not only manage the measurements you have made with your Serstech 100 Indicator, but you will also be able to import measurements made with other devices manually or automatically with a system integration.

ChemDash is a web based application that can be used on any tool (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad) without any need for software installation. Since it can be used with a phone or a tablet, it can be used anywhere and on the go.

 Q4. What will ChemDash look like tomorrow?

The customer feedback is a crucial part in the future development of ChemDash. Therefore, it is up to you as a customer to lead the way. What you see today is only the beginning. ChemDash is built as a modularised system where components may be added and integrated easily. Components for data mining, trend analysis etc. may be developed and implemented together with the customer.